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"Your Daly Dose of Brightness"

England Lionesses duo Rachel Daly and Millie Bright have embarked on a new journey, as they look to use their platform as a way of supporting those suffering with mental health.

The brand, named ‘DalyBrightness’ - a play on words of their surnames - fully epitomises who they are as people, seeking to bring positivity and happiness into people’s lives, alongside their work with various charities and mental health campaigns.

How did DalyBrightness start and what was the overall aim?

Rachel: It was the Wembley camp in November 2019, we were together on our day off and when we walked into the room where the rest of the team were the mood just seemed quite low, so without thinking I just said, ‘It’s your daily dose of brightness!’ and from there everything just spiralled on and we’ve never looked back since.

We want to live and breathe our values as human beings and allow a safe space for ALL people to feel comfortable in their own skin. We realise that a lot of people struggle on a daily basis and have no escape and we wanted to let our fans know that we have off days too. As we have evolved, so have our ambitions. The result of this evolution has been the creation of DalyBrightness (DB) clothing. We want the people who wear our clothing to feel embraced by the love, happiness, and positivity with which the clothing was created. We never want anyone to feel alone in this world. One of our main goals is to give back to the community and create change in the world.

As professional athletes in the spotlight, has it been difficult opening up about your mental health?

Millie: We’re obviously in a really intense environment every day, for club and for country. The pressure and the demands of you are so high and although we get a lot of support we still have our off days like everyone else. You have to put on a brave face and because we are both big, loud, bubbly people, when we do have a down day it’s very obvious.

We’ve both been through our struggles ourselves and we’re lucky to room on camps, because I don’t think without Rach I would’ve got through certain days and vice versa. We just understand how to help each other and have seen each other at our worst. It’s a powerful thing when you start reflecting and understanding what other people go through. People look at us and they expect us to always be bubbly and always be happy, but some days we have to have our poker faces on, and that’s the scary thing. Nobody even knows. We're just wanting to kick start everything now and make a change.

What projects have you been working on?

Millie: We’ve collaborated on a few big projects already and we’re always looking ahead to the next one. We worked together for ‘Act Your Age’, for Children In Need, and ‘Hiit Against Hit’ campaign for domestic abuse. These are all things we really believe in and we don’t just do things for the sake of doing it. We just want to give back, and I think overall footballers like us can give back more. We can do more. We have the platform, we have the contacts, we have everything in our power to make a difference. We’ve always said that it’s just such a shame that people suffer and struggle to speak up, and people don’t have that outlet or support. We know that we’ve got a duty of care as professional athletes and that sometimes it’s just the small things, like a short video, that’ll help brighten people’s day.