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Women's Six Nations set to be postponed until April

The Women's Six Nations rugby tournament looks set to be postponed in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

women's six nations set to be postponed until april covid-19 coronavirus france england

Organisers attempted to hold the event in its traditional February and March window, however, with the escalating COVID-19 situation, it looks more likely that the tournament will be held in April and May as a possible alternative.

If postponed, England will have to wait until later on in the year to mount their title defence as challenges to hold the event alongside the men's Six Nations, looks to be impassable.

England are the only professional team, with France only semi-professional, which makes holding the event in a bubble environment difficult, with differing lockdown measures across the continent.

Meanwhile, the men's tournament is still set to go ahead as planned, despite the French government interjecting with a possible travel ban over the team. Organisers are currently trying to convince the French government that the tournament can be played safely.

"We are working hard to hold the tournament as scheduled in each country, with Covid protocols further reinforced from the October to November period that saw the successful conclusion of the Six Nations 2020 and the Autumn Nations Cup," a Six Nations spokesperson said.

Author: Jake Wilkin