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Women's sports stars launch 'Togethxr' media platform

US athletes Alex Morgan, Chloe Kim, Simone Manuel and Sue Bird have teamed up to launch Togethxr, a female-focused media company, to promote the stories and voices of women across the sector.

Women's sports stars launch 'Togethxr' media platform

The Olympic medallists have stated that the new platform will give women involved in elite sport a voice to share their stories, alongside giving insights on other areas like fashion, culture and wellness.

Togethxr was founded off the back of a report which evidenced that women make up less than 5 per cent of all sports coverage, despite making up half of all participants in sport.

“We want to be champions for every young woman who dares to dream, whose ambition deserves celebration, whose potential is powerful, and whose path is covered in the glass she shatters," said the four stars in a launch statement.

“There’s never been a place dedicated to her story…. We got tired of waiting for someone to build it. So we did.”

The platform will be funded by and operated by Magnet Companies, a private equity firm, who have reportedly made a seven-figure investment into the new media company.

There are plans to publish new content on its social channels daily, including YouTube docuseries, which will kick-off with a feature on 17-year-old boxer Chantel Navarro, who is hoping to compete at the 2024 Olympic Games.

"We have our individual legacies as athletes through championships and medals, but what's most important to us is championing for the next generation of women - because that will be the legacy that lasts," ​the co-founders continued.

"We're proud to have worked as a team to create Togethxr - a brand that elevates women's voices and celebrates where sport and culture converge."

Author: Jake Wilkin