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Westwood admits Super Golf League invite could be hard to turn down

English professional golf star Lee Westwood has said he would find it difficult to turn down an invite to compete in the rumoured Super Golf League (SGL).

Westwood admits Super Golf League invite could be hard to turn down

According to reports, a renewed Saudi Arabian-led plan for a new breakaway circuit, where players would be offered between $30million - $100 million to take part, could be coming to the forefront.

Westwood has said it would be hard to turn down an invite to the SGL, but also understands why there has been negative reaction to the proposal on the PGA tour. Four-time major champion Rory McIlroy said that the SGL is no more than a ‘money-grab’.

The U.S PGA Tour has threatened members with instant suspension and a lifetime ban if they join the SGL.

However, Westwood admitted that due to the stage he is at in his career, he could be tempted to join the breakaway tour, he said: "I think there's pluses and minuses for everything," he told reporters.

"I think they've obviously got a lot of money, they've come out and sent a few shockwaves about and people feel threatened," Westwood told reporters before the PGA Championship.

"The people that feel threatened are trying to combat it.

"For me at nearly 50 it's a no-brainer, isn't it? If somebody stood here and offered me 50 million quid to play golf when I'm 48, it's a no-brainer."

Author: Fred Dobberson