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Wes Morgan looks to future boardroom role to force change around racism and diversity

Former Leicester City captain Wes Morgan has announced that he is determined to move into a boardroom role now that he has retired in order to enforce changes around racism and diversity.

Morgan decided upon ending his playing career at the end of the season after spending a decade at Leicester, in which he captained the side to an extraordinary Premier League title win and most recently, FA Cup success.

When asked about what the future looks like for himself, Morgan told Sky Sports: “You can never say never but I have no aspirations to be a manager at this point in time.

"The last couple of years I've gained qualifications in sports business management and corporate governance.

"If there was an area I'd like to go into, it would be as an executive, in the boardroom, the office side of the game. It's something I think I'd enjoy. I've made no decisions; I'm keeping all my options open.

"I'm already working on the board of the Professional Footballers' Association and I'm involved with working groups with the Premier League and The FA, so that's the type of area I'm focusing on."

Morgan believes that by pursuing a role in this area, he will be able to have a greater influence over the game.

"There's not many black people in those positions," he added.

"It's sad because you would expect the same type of diversity you see on the playing field to be reflected throughout clubs, and that is not the case.

"In light of what's happened in recent seasons, with George Floyd and a lot of social media talk around racism, it is something that I'm keen on, that I'm trying to address.

"If I could get into those positions, I would try and make positive change in that sense. I think that's when you'll see real change, when someone who is the likes of me gets there.

"Maybe in the past, when decisions have been made the wrong way, I could highlight something and make decisions in the right way."