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Vancouver Canucks announce partnership with Teamworks

National Hockey League (NHL) team the Vancouver Canucks have announced a partnership with leading athlete engagement platform Teamworks.

Vancouver Canucks announce partnership with Teamworks

The deal will see the Canucks use the technology to innovate daily procedures and enrich communication, whilst leveraging Teamworks to streamline player and staff co-ordination.

The Vancouver Canucks become the 17th NHL team to utilise the Teamworks platform, which officially partners with over half of the league. The list of partners includes several 2020 playoff teams including the Dallas Stars, Calgary Flames and Colorado Avalanche. More than 100 professional teams around the globe leverage Teamworks to engage players.

“Having an effective way to engage and communicate with our players is vital to operating at the highest level, especially given how the world has changed over the last 10 months,” said Chris Gear, assistant general manager for Vancouver.

“Teamworks offers a proven solution for disseminating information throughout our organization and allows us to do so in a way that is specific for our organisation’s needs. We think it will transform the way we operate. The customer service Teamworks has already provided has given us flexibility in implementing the platform and only strengthens our confidence in the product.”

CEO and founder of Teamworks, Zach Maurides, added: "We are proud to partner with the Vancouver Canucks and officially work with more than fifty percent of teams in the NHL.

"We always strive to uphold our reputation as the trusted player engagement platform for professional organisations, and we look forward to innovatively adjusting the day-to-day operations and communications strategy of the Canucks through the power of our technology."

Author: Jake Wilkin