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UEFA quadruples women's Champions League financial contribution

UEFA has announced that it has made changes to its financial distribution as part of the updated Women’s Champions League, quadrupling the total pot.

UEFA quadruples women's Champions League financial contribution

The club competition is set to redistribute €24 million to women’s football across Europe as part of the revamped model and will also see the first ever ‘cross-subsidy’ from UEFA’s men’s club competitions to support the women’s game, alongside UEFA investment.

Additionally, clubs outside of the UEFA Women’s Champions League, but still competing in each of the top European domestic leagues, will receive 23 per cent of the total €24 million available through solidarity payments, provided that these payments are reinvested into the development of women’s club football.

"The announcement represents a giant step forward for football,” said Aleksander Ceferin, President, UEFA.

“The competition’s new financial distribution model will strengthen the entire professional women’s game across Europe.

"It is also a perfect example of how the European sports model is central to the long-term development of football.

“The development of women’s football should not be driven by short-term gain but a long-term vision. Thanks to the solidarity payments at the heart of this project and the increased rewards, every last Euro generated by the Women’s Champions League and even more will go back into the women’s game."

Nadine Kessler, UEFA Chief of Women’s Football added: "After more than three years of dialogue and consultation with our national associations, clubs and the European Club Association, we would like to thank everyone involved wholeheartedly for their contributions. Each one of these changes are driven by a united vision and ensure we are all moving in the same direction - forwards.

"We are excited to bring the new UEFA Women’s Champions League to the world, to bring football fans the best players and the best teams, in the best women’s club competition in the world.”

Other changes announced by UEFA include through Video Assistant Referee (VAR) technology, which has only been used in the final previously, will be used from the quarter-final stage from now on, as well as clubs now being allowed to make changes to their UEFA Women’s Champions League squad to allow for maternity cover.

Author: Jake Wilkin