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Trey Mancini's remarkable return to MLB after battle with cancer

In just over a year since his colon cancer diagnosis, Trey Mancini has made an inspiring comeback to feature in his Opening Day game against the Red Sox.

Trey Mancini's remarkable return to MLB after battle with cancer

Mancini claimed that despite reaching the worst news of his life, he thought to himself how lucky he was, having only been encouraged to make a doctors appointment by a diligent athletic trainer who told him to take the safe, precautionary measure.

The doctors expected to only find an ulcer or perhaps celiac disease, however, they found a mass in his intestine and after a CT scan that afternoon, it was confirmed his tumour hadn't metastasised into other organs, although doctors did eventually discover that the cancer was in three lymph nodes, placing his cancer at stage three.

Despite this life-changing news, he was jogging around his neighbourhood by October and and reported back to the Ed Smith Stadium by February 1.

Throughout spring training, he shook the hands of coaches and players who welcomed him back.

In his first game back on February 28, he received a standing ovation from fans and both sets of teams in the dug outs.

Now, Mancini wants to help others who have suffered, are suffering and could suffer in the future with colon cancer by partnering with Squatty Potty, who have just announced their 'Give a Cr*p Challenge', where people are invited to send their stool to have it tested for cancer markers.

He also offered to pay for somebody's colonoscopy who couldn't afford it from his home town in Winter Haven.

As he returns to the baseball field, his remarkable journey will continue as looks to be rid of the disease once and for all and to keep on inspiring those to overcome their own challenges.

Author: Jake Wilkin