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Trescothick is named England batting coach after progress with travel anxiety

Marcus Trescothick has been appointed as England’s new elite batting coach after encouraging progress with the travel-related anxiety disorder that cut short his international playing career.

Touring is a part of the new job that Trescothick will have to become acclimatised to should he be successful in the role, something that has previously been a problem in his playing career, notably at the 2006 tour of India, which he was forced to leave due to a stress-related illness and had it end a comeback later that year.

“We have discussed it and I’m ready to jump back on and do bits and pieces,” said Trescothick, who was with England in South Africa before Christmas. “Do I want to do three months in a row? No, I don’t. I’m building up to that point.

“The little journeys I’ve done for a couple of weeks here or a month there – that works really well. It reminded me of the good bits that I did. It felt different to stresses and strains of playing and the intensity that goes with it. It’s given me the opportunity to enjoy it for the right reasons in comparison to before.

“It’s an ongoing process for me. I think I’ve learned to adapt it and progress where I’ve gone. Every trip that I do, the more I realise how much I enjoyed the touring life. But that’s not to say I’m ready to jump back in and do six weeks or two to three months away. That’s not what I’m ready for yet.”

Author: Jake Wilkin