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Table tennis star Anna Hursey to aid President Joe Biden in climate change fight

Anna Hursey, an up-and-coming table tennis star from Wales, has been approached by US President Joe Biden for advice on tackling climate change.

Table tennis star Anna Hursey to aid President Joe Biden in climate change fight

In the run up to the Presidential election last year, Biden continually spoke of his passion towards fighting climate change if he won the race to the White House and now having occupied by the position for just over a month, he has looked to an unlikely candidate for advice on the important subject.

At just 14-years-old, Anna Hursey has become one of Wales' biggest sporting prospects and is preparing the represent the country at table tennis in the next Commonwealth Games for the second time.

Outside of her exceptional talents in table tennis, Hursey has become an advocate of climate change and when asked about why she had been approached from the White, she told Sky Sports: "I think because I am a young champion for the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) - and also I play table tennis.

"The US Embassy sent me an email, just saying, if I can get involved with them and talk about climate change. I was really surprised and shocked. A bit nervous but I am excited!

"I will probably be involved with the US Embassy more (than President Biden himself) but it is really good. I don't know all the details yet, we are still trying to figure out what I can do."

Hursey has been focused on raising awareness for tackling climate change for over two years, ever since noticing news headlines of severe natural disasters that could be linked to change of climate.

"I feel like it is a big problem and we need to try and take action," she said. "When I first started looking at it, it was two years ago - I was going through the news and there were so many things like earthquakes and fires.

"I have asthma, so I know the effects of air pollution and when I travel around, say I go to China, it definitely affects me more than being in Wales - and that affects my fitness and my training.

"Loads of people play and watch sport, so hopefully sports people can speak out about it and let people know."

Hursey last competed in the Commonwealth Games in 2018 in Australia, becoming the youngest person to have represented Wales at senior level in any sport and is hoping to compete once again next year.

Author: Jake Wilkin