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Sportradar launch free of charge fraud detection system

Sportradar has unveiled plans for a new Universal Fraud Detection System (UFDS) that will be offered free of charge to all sports federations and leagues from later this year.

Sportradar launch free of charge fraud detection system

The UFDS will be available from October 2021 and is a development of Sportradar’s current bet monitoring service, the Fraud Detection System (FDS) which the company first launched in 2005 to detect match-fixing across global sport. The development comes amid a rise in questionable betting activity and matchfixing in many sports including football, table tennis and volleyball.

The system has been backed by the International Olympic Committee and before the launch, Sportsradar will speak to different sporting bodies to teach them about the service they are offering.

Sportradar’s previous system FDS has been running since 2005 and has detected 5,300 suspicious matches in that time, with more than 400 resulting in successful sporting disciplinary sanction, and over 30 successful criminal convictions against people trying to commit corruption within sport.

Over 600,000 games were monitored in 2020 alone across over 1000 leagues in 26 different sports, and they will look to increase these numbers with the new system.

Carsten Koerl, Sportradar Group chief executive, said: “By making this significant investment in integrity via the UFDS initiative, we are demonstrating our commitment to support the sustainability of sport around the globe.

“We are continuing to upscale our technology and operation to handle this considerable undertaking, and as well as providing it to new partners we have already set about discussing and implementing the UFDS with our 70-plus existing FDS partners. We are very excited to launch this exciting initiative and add to the proven track record of our integrity team, by ensuring the UFDS plays a major role in protecting the integrity of the sports we all love in the decades to come.”

Author: Abraham Adebayo