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Six Nations receive £365 million investment from CVC Capital Partners

The Six Nations are set to be provided with a £365 million boost after selling 14.5 per cent of their commercial rights to CVC Capital Partners.

Six Nations receive £365 million investment from CVC Capital Partners

The five-year deal between the unions and the private equity firm are set to be completed later this month.

The Rugby Football Union (RFU) will receive the biggest portion of CVC’s investment, as £70 million is expected to hit their accounts over the next five years.

Italy will receive the smallest injection of wealth, with the rest of the nations benefiting equally.

The French Rugby Federation President and World Rugby vice-chairman Bernard Laporte assured rugby fans that despite the investment, the decision making still lies with World Rugby.

“If this project comes to a successful conclusion, CVC will become the seventh partner of the Six Nations, to help the unions develop their long-term economic potential,” said Laporte.

“At the same time, the unions conserve their exclusive power over laws, the sporting aspects and the competition’s organisation.”

CVC’s original offer of £500 million for 30 per cent was lowered due to the ongoing financial implications of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The company already own 27 per cent of the commercial rights of the Gallagher Premiership as they look to expand their Rugby Union ownership.

Additionally, CVC boast stakes in the parent company of Manchester City and are former stakeholders in Formula One. Most recently however, a CVC-led consortium moved to purchase a controlling stake in Lega Serie A's new commercial rights arm, having won the bid at 1.9 billion.

Author: Matt Slater