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Serie A teams up with Google to resort online piracy

The Italian Serie A has agreed a deal with Google that will see the technology company remove video apps from its platform that allows users to illegally watch live games.

Serie A teams up with Google to resort online piracy

As part of the deal, Google is set to use their own instruments to find copyright infringements, to create better protection of its products. Google have already removed apps from its Play Store that have been flagged as illegally producing content owned by the league.

“We have achieved great results in the fight against piracy, but we cannot let our guard down because organised crime is always finding new ways to damage our sector, to the detriment not only of the rights holders, but also of licensees and fans,” said Luigi De Siervo, Lega Serie A chief executive.

He added: “We will soon reach a level of protection unique in the world.”

Fabio Vaccarono, chief executive of Google Italia, added: “The fight against piracy represents a constant commitment for Google, also through the development and continuous improvement of ad hoc technologies and dedicated programs, available to content owners to protect their rights on our platforms.

“Meetings and dialogue with rights holders are essential for a quality result. The successful collaboration with Lega Serie A is proof of this.”

Author: Jake Wilkin

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