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Premier Sports Network partner with education provider, Minerva

Premier Sports Network is delighted to announce that it has agreed a new partnership with Minerva, an industry leading tutoring, homeschooling and online learning provider to provide private tuition to athletes.

Minerva operates it’s educational solutions for young athletes and sports teams across the UK and overseas, with a focus on making sure athletes flourish in their sports careers whilst achieving academic qualifications for their careers and futures, both in and outside of the sports industry.

Minerva presents itself in two distinct forms. Minerva Tutors is a private tuition and homeschooling agency that works around athlete’s training schedules and needs to provide a full scope of educational solutions, offering after school tuition and homeschooling in maths, science and English and all other school subjects, foreign language tuition, english language tuition, as well as special needs assistance and confidence building sessions, either online or in person, supporting athletes to achieve their full potential.

Minerva’s Virtual Academy is a full purpose online independent school for sports stars aged 12-18, providing the opportunity for students to take up to 9 GCSEs on a flexible schedule, wherever they are in the country or the world, allowing them to maximise their chances at succeeding in their sport whilst ensuring they protect their futures by achieving good grades and learning important life skills.

Working with Premier Sports Network, Minerva will be supporting athletes and education departments with additional academic support, through tutoring, homeschooling and its Virtual Academy, to provide athletes with an opportunity to achieve their full potential on and off the pitch.

Jordan Rockall, Head of Partnerships at Premier Sports Network, said: “We are delighted to welcome Minerva Education to Premier Sports Network and support clubs and athletes with additional tools that are key to forging a successful career on and off the pitch.”

Hugh Viney, CEO of Minerva, said: “We already educate a large number of up and coming sports stars so I’m thrilled to be working with PSN in this partnership to extend our services to even more sports clubs and organisations who are looking for superior educational help for their players.”