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Premier Sports Network have announced a deal with Electro Medical Systems

Premier Sports Network have announced a deal with precision medical device manufacturer, Electro Medical Systems (E.M.S.).

Premier Sports Network have announced a deal with Electro Medical Systems

Electro Medical Systems (E.M.S.), is a market leader in manufacturing precision medical devices for sports and rehabilitation, dental prophylaxis and endourology, providing solutions to improve practitioners' and patients' lives.

Since launching the E.M.S. Swiss DolorClast® in 1998, elite athletes from across the world have been treated with DolorClast® solutions, many of which have gone on to win podium placements, championship titles, and more, meaning that E.M.S. has enabled and helped medical teams behind the athletes with innovative devices, evidence-based research, and world-class education, to offer a best-in-class player care and welfare service.

Now, having worked with a progressive network of sports medicine professionals, E.M.S. has developed the Guided DolorClast® Therapy. The holistic musculoskeletal pain treatment concept is aimed at reaching exceptional treatment outcomes through a 6-step guided approach, rooted in scientific research and enabled by unrivalled performance devices. Guided DolorClast Therapy has become a game-changer in pain management, helping sports medicine professionals worldwide prevent trauma and successfully, quickly, and safely get phenomenal athletes back to competing in their respective sports.

The results speak for themselves; over the past 21 years, more than 100,000,000 patients have been treated with the DolorClast®.

E.M.S. also operate in endourology and have found an innovative solution to the removal of kidney, bladder and ureteral stones, as well as offering Guided Biofilm Therapy for dental management, supporting a wide range patients with their medical needs.

Leading global medical distributor and manufacturer Algeos are the exclusive distributors of the Guided DolorClast® Therapy in the UK and Ireland, and will be contacting Premier Sports Network members about the revolutionary concept.

Spencer Hidge, Founder of Premier Sports Network, said: “Electro Medical Systems have developed a technology range, which ensures that the welfare of athletes in their respective sports is maintained, something vital within the sports industry as the demand placed on sportspeople only continues to increase. I look forward to showcasing this technology to our network as we work together to improve the wellbeing for athletes.”

Andrew Jones, Global Head of the Medical division at EMS, said: “We at E.M.S. and our exclusive distributor Algeos are delighted to begin this partnership with Premier Sports Network, who, with their impressive network in the sports industry, will be able to help sportspeople maintain optimal health through the use of our solutions. We are looking forward to working together and hope that this collaboration will lead to many success stories.