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Premier Sports Network enter partnership with FLM Wealth Management

Premier Sports Network are delighted to announce FLM Wealth Management as an Official Partner for the Player Care network to educate athletes on wealth management, ensuring that the right actions are taken, and to provide financial security for life.

FLM Wealth Management is a Financial Planning business that has been helping busy, successful individuals to plan for their future for the last 25 years. Based in the heart of The City of London, they have been entrusted with over £1 billion of their clients money.

FLM believe that in any area of your life, a lack of clarity and direction usually results in disappointment. If you don’t know where you are trying to go, or how you’re going to get there, how can you hope you achieve financial security for you and your family? FLM build their clients a roadmap and help to keep them on track.

With a diverse, dynamic and technologically enabled team, FLM help their clients to get the most out of life and are dedicated to serving the unique and sophisticated needs of professional athletes.

Professional athletes are unique in their own characteristics, earnings profile and variable career span. FLM have a wealth of experience working within very specific fields and understanding the total financial picture and craft creative financial strategies that account for the unique challenges. In the world of sport, the average career length is comparatively short. This creates a problem, because the typical 25-year-old has a 20 per cent chance of living to 100! As Premier Sports Network’s Official Wealth Management and Financial Planning partner for 2021, FLM Wealth Management will help ensure that the right actions are taken for athletes while they are earning well and educating them on achieving financial security for life through our Life Skills initiative.

Spencer Hidge, Founder of Premier Sports Network, said: “For many athletes worldwide, financial planning is an area outside of their expertise that they require additional support and advice with. By partnering with FLM, our network will benefit from FLM’s wealth of knowledge and experience, providing athletes with clarity and direction, and educating them on how best to manage their finances.”

Ben Smith, Senior Advisor & Chartered Financial Planner at FLM, said: We are delighted to be partnering with PSN to help compliment their fantastic offering. It’s a confusing world right now and PSN’s network helps make athletes lives easier. Money is often misunderstood, at FLM we are passionate about helping our clients achieve financial freedom to enable them to concentrate on their career and enjoy life to the full.”

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