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Premier Sports Network announce Digiruu as an Official Partner to the Finance in Sport network

Premier Sports Network are delighted to announce that leading app development company, Digiruu, will become an Official Partner to the Finance in Sport network for 2021.

Founded in 2016, Digiruu provides its clients with the assistance and solutions needed to kickstart their app development process, helping hundreds of satisfied businesses progress through the development stages to create apps that provide real value to the consumer.

Digiruu takes a unique approach in developing apps for its clients, by shifting the focus onto the engagement factor, in an approach that prioritises brand loyalty, an aspect that is key within the sporting industry, allowing clubs and organisations to become closely connected with their fanbase, on a local and global scale.

For 2021, Digiruu will become an Official Partner to the Finance in Sport network, to advise and support sports clubs and organisations with the development strategies and solutions for creating or improving their apps, with the overall focus being to increase fan engagement and communication.

Whether you are part of the commercial, marketing or media team at a sports club or organisation, Digiruu will provide you with innovative specialist advice and support with app development and improving fan engagement, as a trusted partner of Premier Sports Network.

Spencer Hidge, Founder of Premier Sports Network, said: “Fan engagement is one of the biggest success factors for sports club, so ensuring you have an app that prioritises engagement and loyalty is incredibly important. By partnering with Digiruu, we are able to offer clubs and organisations with specialist advice on developing an app that exceeds fan expectations and leads to a closer connection between club and supporter.”

Aman Birdi, Founder of Digiruu, said: “People are carrying their phones with them everywhere and are actively looking for ways to engage with their favourite sports clubs on a digital level. To be available to fans from their pockets 24/7 through a mobile app is incredibly powerful, and we’re delighted to be partnering up with Premier Sports Network to provide this opportunity to sports clubs around the world. Our focus will be on helping sports clubs to build loyalty and importantly maximise fan engagement for now and in the future.“

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