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Premier Sports Network announce new partnership with Mental Health charity Beder

Premier Sports Network are delighted to announce an exciting partnership with Beder - a mental health and suicide prevention charity - aiming to raise awareness and increase understanding around these topics across elite-level sport.

Premier Sports Network announce new partnership with Mental Health charity Beder

Beder is a young charity that is working hard to raise awareness around mental health and suicide prevention, through unique and inspiring events and initiatives across education, wellness and recreation.

In partnership with Beder, Premier Sports Network will be collaborating on a number of content projects involving sports professionals and athletes across the globe, to open up the conversation around mental health by sharing personal experiences and reflections.

Beder was founded in memory of Beder Mirjan by his older brother, Razzak Mirjan, in November 2019. His family decided to start a charity in his name because, whilst it is not possible to rewrite history and have him with them today, they believe that there are positives that can be found from their darkest days.

Beder hopes that its approach to raising awareness around mental health and suicide prevention will help normalise the conversation and overcome the fear surrounding these issues. Beder wants to help people feel more comfortable talking about mental health and suicide, as well as promoting the amazing work already being done to support those in need.

Spencer Hidge, Founder of Premier Sports Network, said: “We are delighted to be partnering with Beder. Mental health has become one of the important topics of discussion in recent years, not just within the area of sport but in wider society too. As the world looks to recover from a mentally trying period, it is important that we can start conversations around mental health and raise awareness across the professional sports industry.”

Razzak Mirjan, Founder of Beder, said: "We are extremely pleased to embark on this partnership with Premier Sports Network. Sport has an amazing power to bring people together and break down barriers. Through this partnership, we hope to do the same whilst giving people the confidence to talk about what is on their mind and check-in with those around them as we all have to look after our mental health."

Beder has also partnered with YoungMinds, a leading mental health charity, and Samaritans, an established and highly respected charity working across the UK and Ireland to reduce suicide rates. The aims of these partnerships are to harness the specialist knowledge of YoungMinds and Samaritans, as well as to promote and further both charities’ incredible work.