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Premier League to distribute survey for VAR improvements

The Premier League is set to distribute a a survey to all 20 of its member cubs to request feedback on how to improve the Virtual Assistant Referee (VAR).

Premier League to distribute survey for VAR improvements

Within the next week, clubs are expected to receive the survey where they will be able to suggest improvements for the technology after a season full of subjective calls.

The survey will allow clubs to view these subjective calls, including handballs, penalties and red cards, to state whether or not they feel VAR should be required to help make a decision.

It comes after the Premier League has faced calls to alter the way in which VAR is used after the technology, introduced at first to aid referees, has been viewed by many inside and outside of the game to not be working to its full potential.

Speaking after the game, Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola spoke of his frustration at VAR in his sides 5-2 victory over Southampton FC.

"Jon [Moss] cannot see it, but the VAR is there, they don't whistle the penalty, it's incredible," said Guardiola. "For a long time, maybe four or five years, never complain about the referees, but this action really is incredible. Incredible.

"The VAR exists for when the referee doesn't see the action. They can make a mistake, that's why they review. But if there is a review and they didn't whistle the penalty for this action, I don't understand. Honestly.

"Maybe one day they will explain the rule for all of the managers and players."

The Premier League's move to amend VAR will only be able to go so far, with major changes left down to the International Football Association Board (IFAB).

Author: Jake Wilkin