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Premier League still to decide on fans' return this season

The English Premier League has not yet made a decision on whether fans will will be able to attend the final game of the season following the government's announcement on easing lockdown restrictions.

Premier League still to decide on fans' return this season

Spectators across England are set to return to sporting events, in limited numbers, from May 17, upon continuous review of the COVID-19 situation across the country.

This date has opened up the opportunity for fans to be able to attend the final games of the season, which will be played on May 23 and the Premier League are looking to consult with its member clubs on whether supporters should be allowed this season.

The consultations between the league and its clubs will include discussions over sporting integrity and a possible competitive advantage for the home side in each of the games.

Traditionally, all 20 clubs have played at the same day, at the same time to uphold sporting integrity as final placings and prize money could be at stake for each of the teams.

A date has not yet been set for a decision to be made over the return of fans, however, the Premier League do not want to raise the hopes of club supporters with just under three months of the season still yet to be played.

Author: Jake Wilkin