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Premier League plan to bypass FA with post-Brexit strategy

The Premier League are thought to be planning to bypass the Football Association with "special visa's" for foreign players post-Brexit.

As the United Kingdom officially leaves the European Union (EU) and exits the single market on December 31, new immigration laws for football will be introduced.

The Football Association (FA) want to protect home-grown talent and reduce the number of foreign players able to be registered in Premier League squads after Brexit, while also increasing the number of players available for the England national team selection.

However, the Premier League believe import rules should be slackened and plan to circumvent the FA and present a system to the Home Office, who could then decide the league’s new visa regime.

Premier League Chief Executive, Richard Masters stated that the league’s ideas ‘do not sit easily’ with the FA’s position.

“While attempts have been made by both sides to narrow the gap, as things stand there remains a considerable distance,’” he added.

Under the new FA rules, Premier League clubs believe that up to 40 per cent of foreign signings would not have been permitted and see the rules as too prohibitive. 35 per cent of starting line-ups were made up of home grown players last season, an increase of five per cent on the previous season.

Talks between clubs on October 27 will take place to discuss player quotas and import rules after Masters said the FA’s proposals will ‘reduce the talent available’ and lower standards.

Author: Charlie Farmer

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