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Player Care Prioritised Globally as Teamworks’ Pro Partners Span Five Continents

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, Teamworks has witnessed a global emphasis on player care across professional sports. The company, which ensures a premium player experience by creating efficient and consistent team engagement through its mobile app, partners with franchises that encapsulate a multitude of professional leagues of various sports that span five continents, excluding only Antarctica and Africa.

From managing the logistical fallout due to COVID-19, the safe execution of returning to play, and ultimately navigating the “new normal” in professional sports, franchises around the world are seeking partnerships with sports technology platform Teamworks. The company attributes their rapid international growth to a vested interest in player welfare and services that translates globally regardless of sport, league or country.

On the club’s recent partnership with Teamworks, Red Bull Bragantino Head of Football, Thiago Scuro, said: “Player welfare has always been a primary focus for our coaches and staff, but it has become obvious a technological solution like Teamworks is the most effective way to maintain high levels of engagement and accountability across our club. Our affiliate club, the New York Red Bulls, launched Teamworks several years ago and spoke highly of how effective the platform has been in streamlining schedules and technical reports to achieve better overall organisation. With Teamworks, our staff centralises the flow of information to players, creating a level of transparency and structure that we’ve never had before.”

Player engagement solutions, like Teamworks, grant clubs flexibility and nimbleness to manoeuvre the evolving sports landscape under COVID-19 and eases the onboarding and transition process for elite athletes to get integrated into a team’s culture. With Teamworks, clubs are able to centralise the stream of information sent to players, reducing the excess distractions that plague their phones and providing a singular source for all team-related news and scheduling. When operating at full speed, having a player app in place prevents any breakdowns in communication so coaches, staff and players remain focused on the next match.

In reference to how his club is prioritising player care, Venezia FC President Duncan Niederauer said: “An investment in Teamworks is an investment in our players and the way we collaborate with them. We need to relay schedules, travel information, team paperwork and more to everyone in our organisation in real time, and a technology platform like Teamworks is critical to being able to communicate these important details in a timely and efficient manner. Teamworks also enables us to customise our interactions with each player so they know exactly what is expected of them and when.”

Teamworks currently partners with over 150 professional teams across the globe, including more than half of the teams in both the National Football League (NFL) and National Hockey League (NHL), and more than a third of teams in the National Basketball Association (NBA) and Major League Baseball (MLB). Since the start of 2020, Teamworks has rapidly broadened its presence in international leagues like the English Premier League (EPL) whilst also expanding to global partnerships with teams in Serie A in Brazil, Serie B in Italy, Premiership Rugby and more.

The Kobelco Steelers are Teamworks’ first partner in Japan’s Top League Rugby. Speaking on the benefits Teamworks has given his team to create a cohesive, collaborative team culture, Kobelco Steelers Head Coach Dave Dillon said: “Teamworks has helped innovate team operations for the club. In the team environment, training times, meetings and other appointments are changing constantly. By partnering with Teamworks, we have prioritised player care and established a standard of organisation and seamless communication in relaying updates to our daily schedule so that players’ time is used in the most efficient manner and outside distractions are reduced dramatically.”

About Teamworks

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