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PGA Tour preparing for stricter travel restrictions

The PGA Tour is bracing itself for potential increased travel restrictions, which could affect players and caddies from participating in the tournaments.

PGA Tour preparing for stricter travel restrictions

The news follows an executive order signed by new President Joe Biden, who is looking to clamp down on the COVID-19 crisis which has had a detrimental impact across the US.

A memo sent to players stated that the order "may affect travellers coming from international locations." The order also requests that some agencies create guidelines to implement the Center for Disease Control's recommendations on self-quarantine/isolation upon entry into the US.

“The executive order does not state with specificity when this determination by the government agencies will be made, but states it should be done promptly,” the memo reads.

The memo later goes on to inform players that, as of next week, those travelling to the US will be required to provide a negative coronavirus test within 72 hours of boarding their flight.

Last July, the US government announced that international players and caddies would be allowed to travel to and compete in the competition without delay, as they were considered “essential personnel.” If stricter travel restrictions are to be implemented, affecting the PGA Tour, the competition may have to be delayed to take into consideration quarantine periods, similar to that which is currently being seen in Australia ahead of the Australian Open.