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PepsiCo to donate US$1 million to youth soccer initiatives

PepsiCo will be donating over US$1 million to youth soccer initiatives in the next three years to support underserved areas of the United States, as an extension to its partnership with the UEFA Champions League.

As part of PepsiCo’s US$570 million pledge they committed to racial justice causes, the company have announced they will be donating US$1 million over a three year span to youth soccer initiatives.

The youth soccer initiative the PepsiCo will be donating to is the ‘Team of Champions’ initiative, which is intended to create transformational change for Hispanic and Black communities. Major League Soccer (MLS) star Javier Hernandez offered his support to the program in his first move as a PepsiCo athlete.

PepsiCo is one of numerous brands part of a $35 billion pledge made towards racial justice commitments in 2020. Brands such as Nike, Target, Chipotle, and Chevrolet have all committed donations to youth sport initiatives.

PepsiCo’s soccer sponsorships have increased in the last few years, after they announced partnerships with the UEFA Champions League, and numerous MLS teams such as New York City, the Orlando Pride, and FC Dallas.

Author: Fred Dobberson