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Pandemic triggers influx of pro teams to invest in athlete engagement platform

Since the first cases of COVID-19 were diagnosed globally in January, teams from the world’s most elite professional leagues have sought out partnerships with sports technology platform Teamworks to ensure efficient and consistent player and staff communication and engagement. Teamworks, which streamlines communication and logistics-coordinating through its mobile app, allows players and staff to stay connected and coordinate schedules whether they’re in the team facilities or operating under remote conditions.

Based in the United States and established in 2004, Teamworks seeks to centralise communication and internal processes for teams while also providing the premium player experience. The platform is used by more than 100 elite professional organisations around the world including teams in the English Premier League (EPL), Premiership Rugby, National Basketball Association (NBA), National Football League (NFL), National Hockey League (NHL) and more.

In the last several months, sports have operated in a way they have never had to before with games and practices being cancelled or postponed while players, coaches and staff being sequestered in their homes. Now, many leagues are in the midst of or have already executed their return to play transition plans to get back to competing. With circumstances surrounding coronavirus continuing to evolve on a daily basis, leadership for professional teams recognises athlete communication and engagement as paramount.

In announcing their partnership with Teamworks, chief executive of Chelsea FC Guy Laurence said, “Players’ time is in high demand across many departments at the club, such as medical, marketing, sponsorship and communication. Trying to schedule time efficiently is an ongoing challenge for the club. With the ability to schedule communication and automate reminders in advance, Teamworks provides us with a streamlined solution to cut through the noise, avoid duplication and ensure we’re using the players’ and coaches’ time in a more targeted way.”

For the leagues still preparing to start their seasons amid these unprecedented times, changes in internal processes and interactions will be required. Safely returning players to team facilities, modifying training and accommodations, incorporating new healthcare and testing protocols, and changes in competition schedules to accommodate regional travel and reduce expenditures, are just a few of the major adaptations facing teams globally.

While the Bristol Bears prepared for the start of the Premiership Rugby season, the club’s Head of Athletic Performance Kevin Geary said, “We're delighted to be in partnership with Teamworks, a global leader in elite athlete engagement and communication. Teamworks will enable us to streamline our internal communications and scheduling onto one secure platform, enabling all of our key stakeholders across the organisation to stay informed. From the first consultation, Teamworks has exceeded our expectations with their expertise, customer service and product quality."

Meanwhile Ron Francis, Vice President & General Manager of new NHL franchise explained that, “As a brand-new franchise, we wanted to implement systems that would establish operational efficiency from the start. Teamworks has set a standard of communication in the NHL that ensures coordination across every department, from the players, to coaches and staff.”

Teamworks CEO and Founder Zachary Maurides added, “The effects of coronavirus will remain in the sports industry for months and potentially even years to come. Seamless, airtight communication and team coordination is always critical, but even more so now. As leagues and teams continue to navigate this new normal, the greatest emphasis and investments will be placed on athlete communication and engagement to ensure teams remain completely aligned regardless of where they’re operating.”

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