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Official Paralympics video game to host daily highlights

The first ever official video game of the Paralympics The Pegasus Dream Tour will include highlights of the Paralympic Games on its platform as the event kicks off.

The Tokyo Paralympics 2020 video game will ‘synchronise’ with the real-world event to allow its players to experience the Games. This is being used in order to tackle the fan absence from the games due to Covid-19 restrictions and allow them to experience the games virtually.

this will be achieved by the creation of a virtual setting - Pegasus City - where the game will create a space for fans to come together during the event, and watch highlights from the real-life games as well as participate in their own competitive Parasports Grand Prix tournament.

Players will be able to take part in competitive virtual parasport matches across 5 events: boccia, 100m sprint, wheelchair basketball, wheelchair racing, and five-a-side football.

Meanwhile, daily highlights from the Games in Tokyo will also be broadcast onto the main screen found in the centre of Pegasus City every day during the Paralympics. The game will also provide players with real-time news flashes from the real-world action, too.

The Paralympic Games get underway with the opening ceremony in Tokyo on 24th August, with no spectators in attendance.