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NFL announces Hyperice as its Official Recovery Technology partner

The National Football League (NFL) has added to its player care and performance portfolio by becoming the latest partner of muscle recovery equipment manufacturer Hyperice.

The multi-year partnership will provide the NFL with Hyperice’s industry leading recovery technology that uses percussion, vibration and dynamic air compression.

Products will be made available within NFL facilities, where it is hoped that improvements will be seen in player performance, mobility and post-game recovery.

The deal will also give players access to other Hyperice and Normatec technologies including Hypervolt, Hypersphere, Vyper and Venom lines, in exchange for the exposure of the products being used by the NFL stars.

In addition, Hyperice will work together with the Professional Football Athletic Trainers Society (PFATs) to research into improving player longevity across the league, as well as delivering the technology to the NFL Scouting Combine so that prospects can benefit from the use of the product from an earlier age.

The organisation has also developed a new mobile app where NFL players will have access to exclusive warm-up, recovery and body maintenance video content.

“For years, Hyperice has worked closely with NFL players, and team performance and athletic training experts to enhance athlete recovery,” said Jim Huether, CEO of Hyperice.

“This progressive partnership with the NFL represents our collective commitment to prioritize player recovery and optimize performance, league wide. As partners, we will work together to deliver cutting-edge recovery solutions for years to come.”

NFL players Patrick Mahomes, Christian McCaffrey, JJ Watt and Jarvis Landry have already invested in Hyperice. Speaking to CNBC, Huether claimed that he expected Hyperice to reach a US$1 billion valuation in the coming months.

Mahomes said: “I've used Hyperice technology throughout my career as an instrumental part of my overall training and recovery routines to ensure I'm performing at my peak on game day.

“This Hyperice /NFL partnership will allow an even greater level of accessibility for athletes to recovery technology, which will enhance player performance and elevate the game.”

Other major sporting leagues that are sponsored by the player recovery technology company include Major League Baseball (MLB), the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), the National Basketball Association (NBA), the PGA Tour and the National Women’s Hockey League.

Author: Jake Wilkin