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NBPA partners with Opendorse to help NBA players maximise personal brands

The National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) and its for-profit arm, Think450, has recently signed a deal with social media publishing platform Opendorse in a bid to maximise the value of athlete’s brands. This deal will aid players to monetise and promote their names, images and rights, by making it easier for brands to identify players with a high social media profile and athletes that will maximise value.

The NBPA aims to protect and support the rights of all players in the National Basketball Association (NBA), and represents players in all areas of their professional career, from the negotiation of deals to post-career opportunities.

The platform provided by Opendorse allows athletes and brands to easily manage and publish posts on social media platforms, as well as providing educational tools which will help players understand and execute posts that will maximise the value of their names, images and likeness rights.

To this day, more than 10,000 athletes are using Opendorse from all around the world, Opendorse's partners include; PGA Tour, NHL, NFLPA, MLBPA, WNBPA and LPGA. The way this platform works is that brands and sponsors will send the athlete a ‘Tap-to-Publish’ post, which means if the athlete consents to being associated with this brand or post they can simply click 'post' and it will go live on their social media platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. One of the main features or advantages that has been outlined with this deal is the ease that the platform brings to brand-athlete collaborations.

In North America, players and athletes in the NBA have a higher fan engagement on social media than any other sport, in addition, as a result of recent lockdown procedures, social media engagement has increased to as high as 75 per cent. Opendorse have commented on the partnership with data figures that justify the decision; NBA players in 2019 generated 1.6 billion social media engagements, on top of 1.5 billion video views, which is the highest of any sport within North America.

In a statement published by the NBPA, the President of partner Think450, Payne Brown commented: “It is our mission to provide our members with as much value beyond the court as possible, we recognize that our players have incredible reach and influence on social media, making them powerful voices in their communities and valuable additions to brands’ ongoing activations. This partnership with Opendorse means more opportunities for players to use their platforms and work with organizations that align with their core values.”

CEO of Opendorse Blake Lawrence added: “By the numbers, NBA players are the most marketable in North American sports, we aim to not only bring these athletes more opportunities but also make their influence on social more accessible to the brands who support them. I’m thrilled to join the NBPA and THINK450 in maximizing value and marketability for NBA players with social media.”

Author: Bradleigh Amis