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Naming rights for Mercedes-Benz Superdome to become available from 2021

New Orleans Saints are seeking a new naming rights partner for their Superdome from 2021 as Mercedes-Benz declines to renew their partnership.

New Orleans Saints’ Superdome has become one of the most iconic names within the NFL, but the 74,000-capacity stadium will be seeking a new rights partner from 2021 onwards. Mercedes-Benz have held the Superdome’s naming rights since 2011, becoming the first and only naming rights partner since its opening in 1975.The ten-year rights deal with Mercedes-Benz was reportedly worth ‘between $50 million and $60 million’, according to Forbes.

While much of the sporting world remains closed during the ongoing pandemic, many brands are likely to be willing to commit to such an investment due to the unique opportunity it brings, as the Superdome has become a proven way to connect with an engaged and passionate audience.

The naming rights position will provide a company with the unique opportunity to align with two well respected brands for the price of one, with the Superdome receiving some of the highest fan sentiment scores, whilst bringing in more media attention than almost any other stadium in the US. According to stats from Meltwater, NFL stadiums receive an average of 29,270 media mentions per season. The Superdome receives an average of 40,064 mentions (27% higher). Fan sentiment for the Superdome is also well above average, with 78% being positive (51% higher than the NFL average).

Mercedes-Benz have opted not to renew their naming rights partnership with the Superdome, as they look to move their focus onto the Mercedes-Benz Arena, home to NFC South rival Atlanta Falcons and MLS outfit Atlanta United.

The naming right won’t be the only change to the Superdome in the coming years, as the building is scheduled to receive over US$450 million worth of renovations within the next five-year period.

While the Superdome is best known for hosting the New Orleans Saints, it has also served as the home for a number of college football bowl games and National Championships. It also served as the venue for Muhammad Ali’s heavyweight title in 1978, as well as the location for when Michael Jordan famously announced his presence to the basketball world as a freshman at North Carolina.

Author: Ross Plank