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Lewis Hamilton creates Extreme E team

Six-time Formula One world Champion, Lewis Hamilton, has founded a new motorsport team, X44, to compete in Extreme E, the all electric SUV off-road racing series which 'highlights subjects vital to the world."

The Mercedes driver is attracted to the sport “because of its environmental focus” with races taking place in remote areas of the world, such as, the Amazon Rainforest, Arctic and Desert. Areas which have been heavily affected by climate change and other environmental factors.

"Every single one of us has the power to make a difference, and it means so much to me that I can use my love of racing, together with my love for our planet, to have a positive impact," says Hamilton, "I'm excited to play a different role in this new series, one that brings my vision for a more sustainable and equal world to life."

Alejandro Agag, founder of Formula E, created the five-race series, which is expected to commence early 2021 in Dakar, to help stress the environmental issues happening in different regions of the world.

"Like us, Lewis is hugely passionate about motorsport, but also shares our belief that we can use sport to highlight climate change and equality," said Agag.

"Lewis is one of the most successful drivers of all time, and we're all excited to see how his X44 team performs on and off the racetrack under his incredible guidance."

Extreme E is the first sport to be ever built on a social purpose with races involving two laps of approximately 16km. Teams include one male and one female driver who each drive a lap promoting gender equality as both drivers will perform the same driver and co-driver duties.

All-electric was introduced to Formula E racing thanks to Agag who will have scientists travelling with Extreme E teams to collect data about each particular region forming a legacy plan.

One of the most successful Formula One drivers of all time, Hamilton has openly spoken about his beliefs on issues among society. Most recently, supporting the #BlackLivesMatter movement after the death of George Floyd back in May.

Lewis has called for support from all drivers in the Championship being at the forefront of highlighting racism in Formula One and motorsport. Although, has criticised the lack of support and organisation from fellow drivers and organisers.

Through his new venture, Hamilton hopes it can help promote diversity in the motorsport industry after introducing a diversity commission in June. Hamilton’s aim is to make "real, tangible and measurable change" by increasing diversity in motorsport.

Author: James Parker