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LAFC and Armored Things partner on fan intelligence initiative

Major League Soccer (MLS) side Los Angeles FC (LAFC), have partnered up with intelligence company Armored Things in an attempt to monitor the movement of people inside their 22,000 seated Banc of California Stadium once it is allowed again. This partnership aims to be able to monitor crowd numbers which can then allow decisions to be made in terms of staffing and security.

One of the main catalysts for this decision is the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the technology will attempt to maintain and control crowds, resulting in a safe experience in the stadium for all involved. The Software as a Service (SaaS), which Armored Things will provide, gives operators of the venue data and analytics of the flow of the crowd and density which will allow appropriate decisions to be made on staffing, security and sanitation. Armored Things will use the cameras and WiFi hotspots throughout the venue to track and provide the staff with real-time data on crowding.

With new guidelines in place due to Covid-19, this system will allow for staff to direct fans away from a highly-populated area to prevent over-crowding.

This deal has strengthened the deal that LAFC signed this month with Patriot One Technologies, in which they signed to form The Stadium & Event Safety Alliance; they will also install and utilise technology to improve security and safety. These two partnerships will help create a vision and an example of how venues and stadiums will be able to safely host an event, taking the correct precautions with crowd safety at the highest priority.

LAFC is considered to have one of the most advanced technological sports venues around the world, allowing fans to order food, pay for tickets and buy souvenirs all from an app while they are within the stadium; so, to many a type of venture like this has not been a surprise.

The Chief Technology Officer of LAFC, Christian Lau commented: “When fans return to Banc of California Stadium, the ability to measure crowd size and movement will be critical as we prepare to safely manage concourse traffic, operate concessions, and utilise club spaces.

“Armored Things’ crowd intelligence software provides us the ability to anticipate how our fans will move throughout the venue, so we can continue to enhance the guest experience.”

The CEO of Armored Things’, Julie Johnson Roberts said: “The ability to bring people back to live sporting events requires trust on the part of both fans and venues.

“We’re very pleased to work with LAFC to deploy the latest security technologies and tools to help build and enhance that trust and enable real-time response to optimise the fan experience while maximising their safety and security.”

Author: Bradleigh Amis