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Kansas City Royals boost Major & Minor League communication standards through Teamworks

Kansas City Royals of Major League Baseball (MLB) has announced a partnership with leading athlete engagement platform Teamworks.

Kansas City Royals boost Major & Minor League communication standards through Teamworks

Across all levels of the organisation, the Royals are implementing Teamworks as the foundation for dependable communication processes to foster streamlined, coherent player services and the seamless management of player movement within the organisation.

“Player care and seamless communication is a top priority at every level of our organization, and our partnership with Teamworks ensures we are providing each and every player with the best overall team experience,” started JJ Picollo, Vice President and Assistant General Manager of Player Personnel for the Royals.

“Our organisation had experimented with other communication tools, but none provided the level of centralisation, ease of use, or immediacy that Teamworks does to get everyone on the same page and functioning at their best. To establish communication efficiencies across the board, it was necessary to implement Teamworks at every level, creating a cohesive player experience across our major and minor league teams.”

The Kansas City Royals are among over 150 professional teams around the world that partner with Teamworks, a list that includes more than a third of teams competing in MLB.

Zach Maurides, CEO and founder of Teamworks, said: “Centralised communication and a seamless flow of information between coaches, players and staff is crucial for any elite athletic organisation that wants to engage players successfully.

“We are excited to partner with the Kansas City Royals from the top down so that every player from their major and minor league rosters is habitually up-to-date on club operations and easily able to engage with their position coaches, training and ops staff, player services, and even other teammates.”

Author: Jake Wilkin