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Jordan Henderson named NHS Charities Together Champion

Liverpool FC captain Jordan Henderson has been named the first NHS Charities Together 'Champion', following his efforts to raise awareness and money for the charity throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jordan Henderson named NHS Charities Together Champion

NHS Charities Together is the collective name for the membership organisation representing and supporting NHS charities across the UK, and Henderson has been involved with them, learning first-hand of the difficulties that staff are facing during the pandemic.

The England international midfielder's relationship with NHS Charities Together started in April 2020, through the launch of #PlayersTogether, which saw a large number of Premier League players generate and distribute funds to the charity.

"I’m delighted to have been announced as the first official NHS Charities Together Champion," started Henderson. "It’s a massive honour for me. As the charity’s official champion I’ll do what I can to shine a light on the amazing work NHS charities do to support the NHS.

"The money being raised by NHS Charities Together is distributed to NHS charities across the UK who provide whatever support will make the biggest difference for the staff, volunteers and patients.

"That could include providing ways for isolated patients to speak to loved ones, a place to rest for staff working long hours and specialised psychological support for those struggling with stress, trauma and separation from their loved ones.

"The funds are also helping to support vital partnerships outside hospitals, such as hospices, community healthcare and social care so they can provide care to patients, volunteers and staff outside of hospital."

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, some of the worst affected by the impact of the pandemic include NHS staff, who have been continuously working hard to cope with the influx of cases and admissions into hospitals, as people suffer the worst symptoms of the disease.

Henderson added: "In the longer term the money raised will also fund programmes to help staff and families recover fully once the crisis has abated, reducing the long-term impact on them and the people they care about,."

Henderson's relationship with the NHS also extends to a family member being a part of the front-line staff, as well as witnessing the high-level of care provided to his Dad who was treated for cancer last year.

Author: Jake Wilkin