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Fox Sports Introduces new Interactive 5G Camera Control App for Fans

Fox Sports and Samsung have partnered to add a new 5G-enabled smartphone application, which gives fans a more interactive camera control experience while watching this year's MLB National League Championship Series (NLCS) and World Series.

The application, which is exclusively available for 5G-enabled Android Smartphones gives fans the ability to rotate camera angles and zoom in and out during live games. As well as this, fans will have the opportunity to rewind games as far back as 3 minutes, watch on-demand highlights throughout the game, and also split their screen into 5 different camera angles from around the arena.

This is powered by over 90 different cameras that Fox Sport have positioned around the Globe Life Field, Texas, which is where the NLCS and World Series is being hosted.

“After recently reimagining the Fox Sports App, we’re thrilled to work with Samsung to add this exclusive 5G smartphone experience for the NLCS and World Series. During these unique times for fans, we have an immense opportunity to get them closer to the action with impactful, creative solutions during some of our biggest moments.” said David Katz, Executive Vice President and Head of Digital at Fox Sport.

As well as being available for Android Smartphones, fans can also connect the streaming experience to their television using Samsung Smart View.

Author: Fred Dobberson