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Formula One halt the development of pit equipment

Formula One fans know that pit stops are significant, as they can be the deciding factor when it comes to either winning or losing a race. Each year, teams try their best to be as efficient as possible to get their driver back out on the racetrack. Countless hours of research and development go into manipulating resources, so pit equipment is efficient and effective in producing the perfect pit stop.

Following a new Technical Directive issued by the FIA, teams cannot develop pit equipment after September 30 in pursuit to reduce costs. This comes after the announcement that the FIA will introduce a budget cap of $145 million to be enforced from the 2021 season.

A full description of pit stop equipment would need to be presented to the governing body by July 22 by all ten teams. Teams are then able to modify the submitted description of the equipment after the July deadline, but have to do so before September 30, having to update the FIA.

Then, only minor alterations can be made by teams, but they still need to be approved by the governing body. Changes such as, modifications to jacks to cope with different car ride height ranges are permitted to take place after September 30.

It was considered to introduce standard pit equipment to all ten teams, so no team was disadvantaged. However, it had been concluded that it would go against the FIA’s objective, as they are intending to reduce costs. Introducing standard pit equipment across all teams would only increase costs.

This comes as a measure to limit the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic, as the FIA lower the budget cap from 2021. Dropping the budget on an annual basis to support teams making the sport more sustainable for the future.

F1 is due to return behind closed doors on July 5 in Austria, while Ross Brawn confirms there will be no podium ceremony after the race where all mechanics usually gather to celebrate the handover of the trophies.

Author: James Parker