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Former NFL player teams up with concierge physician to care of elite athletes

Yo Murphy, founder of Yo Murphy Performance, has announced an alliance with Dr. Michael O'Neal, a well-known concierge physician and professional athlete advocate, to become the Medical Director for Collegiate and Professional Athletes.

Former NFL player teams up with concierge physician to care of elite athletes

Although the two have a long-standing working relationship, the partnership officiates their effective programme that has provided care and training for elite athletes, including hundreds of players from the National Football League (NFL), Major League Baseball (MLB), and all other major sports.

Most recently, the two worked with 5 players selected in the first three rounds of the 2021 NFL draft: including, a top 10 pick.

Devonta Smith, former star Alabama WR, recipient of the Heisman trophy and first round pick by the Philadelphia Eagles, said: "Having the opportunity to work with Yo Murphy and Dr. O'Neal has been crucial to my preparation for the NFL."

Christian Barmore, Alabama Defensive Tackle and the #36 overall pick selected by the New England Patriots added: "Dr. O'Neal and Coach Murphy helped me transition to the next level".

Murphy brings personal experience as a former professional football player that allows him to communicate effectively when working with athletes, such as MLB Hall of Famer Derek Jeter, NFL first round pick Henry Ruggs, boxer Keith Thurman, and Heisman winner Smith.

On, Murphy, O'Neal said: "In my experience, Yo Murphy is undoubtedly one of the top performance specialists in the country. He is the reason the best athletes in the fly here to get healthy and/or improve their skills."

O'Neal, in turn, is an innovator who is credited with starting one of the first concierge medical practices 20 years ago, and the first ever started from scratch in the country. Once a physician for an MLB club, which gives him valuable insight on the dynamics within the setting of a team, Dr. O'Neal adds: "It is important for me to prioritise the needs of the athlete and serve as their un-biased medical advocate."

O'Neal combines his one-of-a-kind Concierge Medical and Advocacy Program for Professional Athletes with Murphy's NFL experience and expertise in performance training. The athlete benefits from a personalized, collaborative relationship between physician and trainer.

"We focus on progress, not perfection - getting athletes healthy, understanding their unique biomechanics, and improving movement quality in order to optimize their performance," says Murphy.

Author: Jake Wilkin