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Florida Panthers invest in Teamworks

National Hockey League team Florida Panthers have announced a partnership with US-based Communications platform Teamworks, becoming the 16th NHL team to invest into the platform.

The Panthers have recognised centralised communication and information-sharing as critical factors in constructing strong team culture and will look to leverage Teamworks to efficiently keep their players, coaches and staff in sync.

The Florida-based side are among 16 NHL teams that utilise the Teamworks platform, which officially partners with half the league. The list of partners contains several 2020 playoff teams including the Dallas Stars, New York Islanders and Colorado Avalanche. More than 100 professional teams around the world leverage Teamworks to engage players.

“Implementing Teamworks will strengthen our organisations communication and cohesion,” said Panthers General Manager Bill Zito. “From players to staff, this partnership with Teamworks will enhance and simplify our day-to-day processes as a team and allow us to work together with a unified and streamlined approach.”

“Consistently and effectively engaging with players is vital for coaches and operations staff as the sports industry continues to navigate under a new normal,” said Teamworks CEO and Founder Zach Maurides. “From forced remote operations to transitioning back onto the ice, maintaining a strong team culture remains a top priority for staff. Teamworks is proud to partner with the Florida Panthers and serve as the solution that consolidates team information into one app and provides flexibility in updating that information so everyone from the front office to the players and coaches remain in sync.”

Author: Ross Plank