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Ferrari launches own Esports competition

Ferrari have announced the launch of their brand new Esports championship in partnership with Hublot. The competition is set to take place in September, where the winner will earn a place in the sim racing driver academy.

The Ferrari Hublot Esport series will be open to the public where amateur and professional racers will be able to compete, using the Assetto Corsa platform.

Drivers will be racing the Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo, with the series of events running until late in the year for competitors as young as 18 welcome to take part.

Aspiring professionals will take place in one of the four weekly qualifiers being held in September, where six players form each qualifier will compete in the AM series the following month. Alternatively, 24 professional players will be asked to compete in the series in October before the final stages in November.

The move from the Scuderia has thought to have been made after an unprecedented amount of activity in sim racing taking place in the extended off-season. Ferrari has been viewed as one of the teams behind in their involvement in Esports having only joined the Formula 1 Esports Pro series in 2019. This announcement will bring a welcome addition to Formula 1’s plans of growing their Esports platform.

Ferrari’s brand diversification officer, Nicola Boari, spoke about the importance of launching the brand new competition.

“Last year we started our experience in the F1 Esport championship, actually winning it, and I think it was just a natural step now to enter into our own sports championship.

“It’s very similar to what we have in reality [with Ferrari’s own academy series]. So, it’s a natural step, and hopefully is going to be just the first one of a longer series.

“I believe that there is an enormous space for Ferrari to grow its own championship. I already said that we’re starting with Europe, only this year, but we definitely plan to enlarge the scope in the future

“I think another very important part that hopefully we’ll be able to implement when COVID is gone, is to have our own tournaments with live performances. That’s going to be something that for our championship could be unique.”

One of the emerging talents, who so happens to be a part of Ferrari’s own F1 team, Charles Leclerc, will be drafted in to offer his own advice and guidance for the three-stage tournament.