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FC Barcelona collaborate with Pixellot to launch camera for academy clubs

The innovation hub at FC Barcelona has worked with Israelli technology company Pixellot to produce a new, lightweight, portable camera designed for academies and amateur football clubs.

Pixellot presented the ‘Pixellot Air’ during the World Football Summit held towards the end of November. It is an automatic football recording camera and statistics formulator. The camera can record up to 13 hours of footage at any football pitch or training facility, and as it’s automatic, does not need any camera operator.

“What you get is the entire match produced and also all the statistics. You can have match data, heat maps, as if it were a professional match, for any football academy,” said Pixellot CEO, Alon Werber.

Barcelona had previously installed 16 Pixellot cameras in different locations in and around their Nou Camp home ground, to provide recording for all of the home games and practice sessions that take part there.

Author: Fred Dobberson