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FA announce SuperKicks hub to increase active participation in football amongst children

The FA have launched a brand new SuperKicks hub, aimed at ensuring young players stay match-ready through activities and challenges, created by official FA coaches.

The new hub that features on The FA’s website contains football-related games and videos, aimed at children from ages five to 11 and can be accessed from all devices, “built from England DNA, so anyone can train like England players” read a statement from the FA.

The SuperKicks challenges have been designed to increase the active participation of children in football and make better use of their screen time. The hub will provide parents and children alike with access to hundreds of activities, that will help kids play football, learn new skills and improve their knowledge of the game in a fun and easy way.

The active and creative challenges appear on the hub, which can be done from home, vary in levels of difficulty depending on your skillset. Through the hub, FA SuperKicks hope to support the club football experience by providing children with the tools to practice their skills and learn new ones in-between training and matches, alongside encouraging parents and carers to be involved in their children’s football journey.

The on-going disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic has forced the UK government into making difficult decisions regarding grassroots football, which has been put on hold in the latest national lockdown. It is hoped through the use of the new SuperKicks hub that children will remain active and interested in the sport.

Author: Jake Wilkin

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