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Extreme E partners with EY to tackle climate change

Extreme E and EY have agreed a new partnership with the aim of minimising the off-road electric racing series’ footprint and continue in their pursuit of fighting global warming.

The agreement between the two organisations will see EY support Extreme E to reduce the environmental impact of its events, logistics and operations through the development of a ‘Social and Environmental Impact Assessment’ framework.

EY teams will identify local companies to assess the races in each location and provide the necessary guidance and support, as well as enhancing the company’s capabilities and to ensure a high-quality output.

Additionally, a pre-and-post-racing carbon account will be developed by EY teams, who will identify ‘Scope 1,2 and 3’ emission sources to support carbon offsetting agreements. Extreme E have been dedicated in their efforts to raise awareness of climate change and how electric vehicles are of benefit to the planet, a message that EY will assist with further.

“Extreme E will draw attention to the risks of climate change, whilst showing the world the opportunities that low carbon technologies present,” started Dr Matthew Bell, from EY’s Climate Change and Sustainability Services team.

“EY teams, with their broad knowledge of climate change issues, can help Extreme E further its mission by helping measure, monitor and manage the direct and indirect carbon footprint of the race series. This will help ensure that in addition to an exciting race series, this collaboration can further our shared ambition to create a positive environmental and social legacy for generations to come.”

Alejandro Agag, Founder and CEO, Extreme E, added: “We are incredibly pleased to collaborate with EY on this important initiative, which will enable Extreme E to assess and understand its impact and, as a result, implement legacy programs which provide environmental and social support tailored to specific local needs.

“EY already has developed a long-standing relationship with our sister series, Formula E, and they have many years of experience in the areas of sustainability and eMobility. The expertise they provide is globally respected. Extreme E is a forward-thinking and innovative championship and together we believe we can gain and share some truly tangible and actionable insights.”

The new Extreme E racing series is set to start in March 2021, using only electric racing cars to highlight remote environments that are suffering from the crippling affects of climate change.

Sharaan, Al-'Ula in Saudi Arabia is set to be the first location of the 2021 racing calendar known as the ‘Desert X Prix’, which will be followed by Lac Rose, Dakar in Senegal in May as the ‘Ocean X Prix’, in August Kangerlussuaq in Greenland will be the ‘Arctic X Prix’, in October the ‘Amazon X Prix’ will be held in Santarem, Para, Brazil and the last races of the year, in December will be in Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina as the ‘Glacier X Prix’.

Author: Jake Wilkin