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Everton FC form international partnership with Everton de Vina del Mar

Everton FC have formed an international partnership with their namesake, Everton de Vina del Mar, and owners Grupo Pachuca with the intention to boost success both on and off the field.

The Merseyside club has formed an allegiance with Latin America following their recent activity in the summer transfer window signing superstar James Rodriguez from Real Madrid and Napoli’s centre midfielder Allan. Which has helped the club make their best start to a season since 1993 winning their first four games.

Everton de Vina del Mar, founded in 1909 by Anglo-Chilean footballers, named the club after the blue Merseyside club which will help Everton’s reputation in Chile and under Grupo Pachuca’s ownership of five clubs in Argentina and Mexico. Grupo Pachuca, a major football organisation across southern and central America, will help Everton develop cross-continent initiatives in youth development and coaching, marketing and retail, talent identification and fanbase development.

The new partnership will fall under the club’s international growth strategy as the announcement follows 18 months of discussion and negotiations.

In a statement on the club website, Denise Barrett-Baxendale, Chief Executive, said, “We’re excited and proud to announce our partnership with Everton de Vina del Mar and the Grupo Pachuca, especially at a time when the Premier League - and support of Everton - is continuing to grow across Latin America.

“Our international strategy is a core-pillar to our growth plans and this strategic partnership opens up Everton to the vast football community in one of the most football-passionate regions in the world – built on a longstanding and unique relationship with our Chilean Everton Family.”

Everton de Vina del Mar have joined the clubs International Affiliate Programme under the strategic partnership to develop coaching and youth talent. In addition, player development and talent ID will also take place as part of the programme. To aid with Everton’s reputation in those regions of the world and for fans to recognise the club, a collaborative effort will be made in terms of marketing and social media output. Causing fans to engage with the Premier League leaders, helping the club to become recognisable and familiar.

For this campaign, a pre-season tour was scheduled but unfortunately due to the pandemic was cancelled. However, over the coming years, plans for player tours and friendly fixtures will feature to clarify the relationship between Everton FC and Everton de Vina del Mar, boosting the perception of Everton in those regions of the world.

Director of Everton’s Marketing, Communications and Community, Richard Kenyon, who helped with the formation of the partnership said, “Everyone at the Club is very excited by this new and innovative relationship. Working alongside Everton de Vina del Mar and the Grupo Pachuca provides a great platform to engage a wider fanbase, build relationships commercially and interact with new communities as well as share our knowledge and benefit from new ideas.

“Growing our international footprint in key territories is really important to us and we are very confident this is the start of something special between our ‘two Evertons’ and also Grupo Pachuca who are known for their innovation and ambition.

“I would like to thank Pedro and his colleagues in Chile for their tremendous hospitality during our visit in February and, while it was disappointing, we couldn’t deliver our original plans this summer, we know that there are exciting times ahead for our partnership."

President of Everton de Vina del Mar, Pedro Cedillo Martinez commented saying, “This agreement is the result of a historical relationship between both institutions that was reignited with the Brotherhood Cup in 2010 and has intensified over the last 18 months, with the aim of establishing an agreement that is beneficial for both clubs.

“Undoubtedly, the possibility of generating friendlies, international tours, the exchange of players and the transfer of knowledge in the development of youth players and the training of our professionals will support the growth of our institution. This historic international agreement, with a leading club in the best league in the world, the English Premier League, is not only good for our institution, but also for Chilean football.”

The signing of James Rodriguez has definitely made a positive impact on all aspects of the club considering Everton’s recent form and the fact that the club experienced a global reach of 400 million people 48 hours after announcing the signing. A ‘blue wave’ could emerge on Merseyside as Everton’s rivals Liverpool have dominated football for some time now.

It definitely makes for an interesting contest this weekend as the two clash in the highly anticipated Merseyside derby at Goodison Park.

Author: James Parker