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Dina Asher-Smith criticises sexist sports marketing

Dina Asher-Smith has called for sports marketers to reconsider the way that they are portray women in the sports media landscape.

Dina Asher-Smith criticises sexist sports marketing

Speaking to the Players' Tribune, the 200 metre world champion wrote passionately of the way she feels about the differing ways that men and women athletes are presented to audiences and fans of the sport.

"With men, if you're the winner, you're the MVP. If they're marketing a new pair of football boots, they're going to use someone like Lionel Messi on the billboards, because he's the best," she started.

"They aren't going to use someone who only plays football recreationally just because he fits the image better. Someone who is more 'marketable' or 'aesthetically pleasing'.

"And yet, often that is still the case when you look up and see the female option in the ads, on the billboards, in the TV coverage.

"Why? Because they fit an aesthetic ideal? Is there only one marketable body type for women?

"And what kind of message does that send to the eight-year-old girl? What does it tell girls who aspire to be athletes? What does it tell them about their value in the wider sporting landscape?"

She later added: "People can talk around this subject in nice, friendly marketing meetings. They can 'um' and 'ahh'. But frankly, if somebody wanted to change it, it would happen tomorrow. If they really wanted to change the way sportswomen are used in marketing, they would get it done."

Author: Jake Wilkin