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Covid-19: Preparing for what comes next

With the majority of sports cancelled, airline fleets across the world grounded and many sporting bodies struggling with a huge drop in revenue, to describe the current global situation as challenging, would be nothing short of an understatement. With most sports travel programmes at a standstill due to the Covid-19 crisis, there are lots of things that we can start to think about and plan ahead to mitigate some of the issues we may face when the world starts to heal, and everybody gets playing and moving again.

The onslaught of the coronavirus crisis left lots of sporting bodies in difficult positions, trying to navigate their way through the impact of travel upheaval. For many without TMC partners, this meant needing to fathom their way through it alone and unguided, often resulting in extra expense and unnecessary levels of stress.

We’ve highlighted some key areas to think about when planning for the next three to six months and how our trusted advisers at CTM Sport can help you through that; taking the time to re-evaluate and implement changes now will help benefit your organisation and provide you with an easier, more stream-lined process on the other side.

1. Auditing practice

Looking back at what worked and what didn’t with regard to your organisations travel, both in the run up to lockdown and since, will provide you with a wealth of information and allow you to mitigate against anything like this in the future.

Many sporting bodies who self-book travel found their processes left them unable to adequately locate or track travellers, mandate travel or indeed suitably ground people so they stopped travelling altogether. Others, experienced visa and repatriation issues and almost all have found the knock-on cost implications to be a major headache.

This retrospective analysis should look at the biggest picture possible for your organisation.

2. Policy

Based on that audit analysis, it’s vital to update your company policies. This is likely to be an ongoing measure over the coming months while a new normal is established but understanding what has worked and what hasn’t will be critical. Without TMC partners in place, it may well be that you’re lacking any sound and structured travel policies, which has left your organisation exposed at this time. Working with CTM Sport, the introduction of these policy conditions can be built into your travel programme and reflected across all bookings.

3. Supplier programmes

Reviewing the suppliers you work with will be a very sensible move over the coming months. There will undoubtedly be lots of changes and we anticipate some sporting bodies will want to re-evaluate their preferred supplier relationships. Maybe your auditing has revealed you don’t really have a supplier programme in place that is sewn together and provides your club with the best value and most cost-effective supplier agreements. Lacking leverage with suppliers at a time when there is so much noise and challenge will be tough.

Negotiating these agreements and relationships for you is just one of the ways CTM Sport delivers unbeatable value.

4. Cost of change

Inevitably the cost of change is something that will impact on your organisation in the immediate term, but dependent on the scale of that, potentially moving forward too. With the sports calendar so up in the air, and no real guide for planning against, managing rebooking’s and refunds can take a lot more time and resource than it should.

Scenario planning can help to manage expectations and put you in a better position to move forward post COVID-19.

5. Information sharing

Whatever the size of your organisation, information sharing over the coming months is going to be paramount. It’s also going to be a huge hurdle. Things will continue to change at such a pace, it will make understanding the travel landscape extremely taxing. Establish processes now for reporting, updating and strategising your next steps.

CTM Sport are assisting customers on an ongoing basis to help them report suitably throughout the coronavirus crisis. We’re in constant contact providing updates on all aspects of global travel as well as specific information relevant to their individual travel priorities.


On the other side of this, what will it all look like? While nobody can really answer how long it is going to take to get back to any degree of normality, we do know that there will be great times again. Our clubs and teams will play again, and sport will be great again. In the meantime, it’s vital to take the time to step back and re-evaluate in order to move your club’s travel forward more easily when that time comes.

It’s also time to ask yourself how to mitigate against anything like this happening again. Is there a better way?

Can it all happen much more efficiently and be managed more effectively? CTM can help take some of that pressure off.