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Conor McGregor launches sports recovery line TIDL Sport

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) superstar Conor McGregor has announced his new sports recovery line, TIDL Sport.

Conor McGregor launches sports recovery line TIDL Sport

Partnering with The Anthos Group, McGregor has produced a range that is hoped will aid in the post-training recovery of athletes and has claimed the product has helped in his preparation for his UFC 257 main event fight with Dustin Poirier on January 23.

Tenacity, Intensity, Dedication, and Lifestyle serves as an acronym to the TIDL Sport brand, which uses plant-based therapy, combined with proven exercise science mechanisms, to deliver immediate relief and long-term recovery for athletes.

The brand's flagship product, the TIDL Sport Plant-Powered Cryotherapy Topical Spray, claims to deliver powerful relief through cryotherapy and novel plant science. The topical spray has 360° spray technology, to allow for body self-application and promotes long term healing by addressing pain and inflammation directly at the source.

"When we target the inflammation, we solve for the root cause of pain and soreness in athletes," says Dr. Akash Bajaj, Pain Specialist and Medical Director at Anthos Group, "allowing them to fully recover and be ready for their next session. Dedicated athletes can benefit from recovery as a part of their daily routine."

The plant-based ingredients included in TIDL Sport range from hemp plant extracts to anti-inflammatory agents. The spray provides a cooling relief, which in turn increases blood flow to the area.

McGregor said: "When people hear recovery, they think it's just about pain relief or sore muscles, but it's so much more than that. I look at it as more of a preparation for my next work out as opposed to relief from the last one.

"Using TIDL products just made my body feel revived and after meeting with the team, I knew that we could create products that really work and make recovery easier for the athlete.

Badal Shah, Chief Executive Officer at The Anthos Group, added: "We could not be more excited about partnering with Conor McGregor as we launch TIDL Sport.

"He is a seasoned entrepreneur that embodies world-class athleticism and has already provided tremendous input as we plan for a pipeline of next generation products for the serious athlete and fitness enthusiast."

Author: Jake Wilkin