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Cambridge United invests in players financial education

Cambridge United have announced a new partnership with the Football Finance Academy (FFA) that will help to educate both players and staff on “todays financial realities”.

The collaboration between the two parties will mean that young players and staff within the club’s ranks will be able to learn about finances and how they can better prepare themselves for their futures off the football pitch.

A statement from Cambridge United explained how the partnership would also be available to the first team squad to gather the skills and practical knowledge to be able to “make smarter money choices that will pay off in the long-term, regardless of how far they go in the game.”

“I am thrilled to be teaming up with such a forward-thinking football club like Cambridge United,” started Patrick Venn, founder of the FFA. “Financial literacy is such a critical life skill, and we are excited to be empowering players and staff with the knowledge to be confident with their money.

“Our mission is to reinvent the way personal finance is taught to young people through sport, and I am delighted that Cambridge United is now a part of that vision.”

The lessons from the FFA will be delivered via online platforms, group presentations and one-to-one meetings that will allow the players to financially plan for a future outside of football. Players and staff will be able to set financial goals and implement systems that will help to manage their finances better.

Matt Walker, the head of performance for the League Two side said: “We are delighted to have an expert like Patrick on board to help us improve the number of ways we offer support to the players at the club. His knowledge of this subject is excellent as well as his method of delivery.

“We want the players to maximise who they are and the skill set they have as people as well as players. By investing in themselves in a number of ways we believe that we will have better people who will be better players. Whilst the education scheme with Patrick is around finance, this is in addition to a number of other areas we are pursuing to assist the playing squad's personal growth.

“The ultimate aim is to maximise each player's potential by developing them as individuals who can contribute to a more successful club."

The FFA was founded by Patrick Venn with the goal of educating players on finances, translating financial lingo through the language of football and using technology to enhance the learning process and track progress.

Author: Jake Wilkin