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Burger King and Stevenage FC take over the virtual footballing world

Burger King and Stevenage Football Club have taken the virtual footballing world by storm through the use of an incredible marketing campaign.

Magnificent marketing ploys can leave consumers amazed and intrigued about merely anything. But the marketing strategy behind Burger King and Stevenage FC is one to admire.

Now you may be thinking, why Stevenage FC? They’re in fourth tier of professional football in England. There’s no way Burger King can receive a significant amount of exposure through sponsorship.

Burger King became the front of shirt sponsors of Stevenage in June 2019. The intention of being the shirt sponsor wasn’t to attract exposure in stadiums on match-day and amongst Stevenage fans, instead it was to take on the virtual world.

Being a front of shirt sponsor, the Burger King logo would appear on the popular video game FIFA 20 like the rest of the elite clubs in professional football. The plan was to send fans among virtual football world crazy by interacting with them online through using Stevenage FC in Fifa 20's 'Career Mode'.

#TheStevenageChallenge trended across social media, encouraging gamers to play as Stevenage FC instead of the likes of Paris Saint-Germain and FC Barcelona. Of course, fans were enticed to use Stevenage as FIFA 20 gamers were rewarded for their efforts for any goals scored playing as the team.

This caused a massive surge of interaction, taking the gaming community by storm. Stevenage became the biggest team online as gamers would sign the biggest and best talent in real life on FIFA 20. Over 25,000 goals were shared online while Stevenage became the most used club in the games career mode. Shirts even sold out for the very first time in the club’s 44-year history.

CEO of Stevenage FC, Alex Tunbridge, commented in October 2019 when the deal was announced saying, “We are delighted to be working in partnership with Burger King on the Stevenage Challenge which is an innovative concept that aims to turn the club into the biggest online team through the power of video gaming and social media,

“We hope to see millions of people interacting with the club and showing their support both in person and online. You don’t have to be a big club to think big.”

Yet, what was to come would be prolific and has filtered into on field success as the club currently sit in fifth position in the EFL League Two standings.

Author: James Parker