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British Rowing partners with Gareth Bale-owned ROWBOTS

British Rowing has announced its partnership with indoor rowing studio ROWBOTS, the company co-founded by football icon Gareth Bale.

The partnership between both organisations has been formed to develop the new indoor rowing training product known as ROWBOTS @ HOME, which is said to ‘transform’ the way that people will use rowing machines in the future.

British Rowing has said that the partnership has been formed in the wake of demand for gym equipment throughout the coronavirus lockdown that saw all gyms close across Britain and regular gymgoers purchasing equipment, including indoor rowing machines, to use from their home.

It was announced last year that the Real Madrid star would be investing in the fitness centre startup based in London, alongside Team GB powerlifter Hendrick Famutimi.

ROWBOTS’ workouts have been created by professional atheletes and mental health professionals to ensure that they build mental strength along with the high-intensity rowing. British Rowing has said that the partnership will also look to deliver and widen workshops to help build towards their goal of making rowing more accessible and exciting for all.

Gareth Bale spoke about the importance of this partnership, especially in the current climate that the world finds itself in.

“Now more than ever people need to switch on, both physically and mentally.

“By partnering with British Rowing, we can give more people access to our physically enhancing and mentally empowering workouts, either from inside The Machine Room, or from the comfort of their own home.”

CEO of ROWBOTS, Greg Zimmerman, has also spoke about how he hopes the partnership will help to improve the popularity of rowing across Britain.

“Our goal at ROWBOTS is to deliver world-class training to as many people as possible,” he started. “Our Co-Founder and professional footballer, Gareth Bale, uses rowing to build fitness and prevent injury but we’ve seen how effective our combination of rowing, conditioning and mental training can be for everyone.”

“The ROWBOTS programmes are holistic; working on strength, stamina, recovery and recharge so it’s not just about beating yourself up every day to get fit.

“We’re very excited to partner with British Rowing to get more people on a rowing machine and transform the way people train.”

Although on the surface this might appear as a bigger opportunity for ROWBOTS to help grow as an organisation, it will also be of great benefit to British Rowing having an athlete as big as Gareth Bale to help market the sport.

Kenny Baillie, Director of Partnerships & Communications at British Rowing added: “Over the last few months, we’ve seen an exponential growth in indoor rowing and demand for quick, effective home workouts.

“ROWBOTS has been recognised as one of the most innovative organisations in the fitness industry so we are delighted to work with them to continue to build our indoor rowing offering and grow our membership.”

British Rowing has also partnered with Rocket Sports ahead of the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic games, which is set to go ahead during the summer of 2021 having been postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Author: Jake Wilkin