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Brett Favre reveals how his addiction to painkillers almost led him to suicide

Brett Favre describes how his addiction to painkillers almost led him to contemplate suicide after winning the Super Bowl title in 1997.

Whilst dealing with injuries in 1994, Favre became dependent upon painkillers, where he eventually suffered from two seizures after increasing his intake the following year, leaving him no choice but enter rehab for 75 days.

The quarterback considered a legend of the NFL said that despite having won the Super Bowl in 1996-97, he was in one of the lowest places in his life.

Once he had left rehab, he fell into the cycle of his addiction once more, before overcoming his problem by flushing the pills down the toilet.

Speaking on the Boiling with Favre podcast, he discussed how his severe addiction almost led to an untimely death

"I was as low as I possibly could be," Favre started. "I said it's one of two things: I die, or I flush these pills down the toilet. I sat by the toilet for two hours.

"Eventually, I dumped the pills in the toilet, flushed them and I almost wanted to kill myself because of doing that. I could not believe that I've actually done that, and I was so mad at myself because now what was I gonna do?

"I shook with cold and hot sweats every night. But that was the last time. I was clean. It took me a couple more to get over the urge."

Favre's career kickstarted with the Atlanta Falcons before moving to the Packers, where he rose to become one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time during his 16 seasons.

Author: Jake Wilkin

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