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Amazon's Twitch launches new sports channel

The Amazon-owned livestreaming platform Twitch, which is best known for gaming, has launched a dedicated channel specifically for sports content, forming partnerships with some of the world’s leading clubs including Real Madrid and Arsenal.

Despite Twitch already having a lot of success with its gaming platform, the organisation wants to move into the sports content sector, as it looks to expand its audience and reach to an even bigger market.

Having seen what has been described as a “tremendous growth” in the viewing of sport on the channel, Twitch moved to introduce a dedicated ‘Sports’ category as well as relaunching the /twitchsports channel, which had previously been joined up with the health and fitness category.

Football clubs including: Real Madrid, Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain and Arsenal have all agreed to partner with the livestreaming service that will see behind-the-scenes content provided for fans initially, with a view to potentially showcasing academy football matches, first-team friendly fixtures and press conferences.

Twitch will look to target younger audiences yet again with their latest venture by creating an interactive viewing experience.

According to SportsPro, the deal with the European giants is also a push towards obtaining more significant streaming rights in the future. Twitch have recently become the exclusive international broadcaster of the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) and will hope to be able to build on from this in the future.

Upon the first day of the relaunch, the Twitch Sports channel will broadcast a range of content for sports fans to enjoy, with the likes of the National Basketball Association (NBA) House of Highlights, Arsenal and the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) all being allocated a two-hour time slot where they will have the opportunity to release interactive content.

It has also been announced that Olympique de Marseille will be the first to stream friendly matches onto the platform.

Statistic show that over 70 per cent of its audience are under the age of 34, which is considered the best demographic to acquire new sports fans, in spite of the platform being better known for eSports and casual gaming.

There has already been a significant crossover between sports and Twitch previously as NBA player Ben Simmons, NFL’s Juju Smith-Schuster, Los Angeles Chargers’ Austin Ekeler and Formula One’s Lando Norris all being regular streamers on the platform. Manchester City’s Sergio Aguero became the fastest growing channel after the Premier League had been suspended.

Author: Jake Wilkin